The Body of the Letter



The Righteousness of God in the Gospel




Transformed Minds and Bodies




Explanation: The first part of Romans gives us Paulís theology of how God has justified not only the Gentiles but the Jews as well through Jesus Christ.In the mysterious will of God, God will acquit all of their sin on the basis of faith in what God has done in Christ.The second half of Romans then plays out what that will look like in the lives of the Christians at Rome, particularly in the issues that face them.


Patterns and Themes:

  • There is a cause-effect relationship between these two parts of Romans.If the first part is true, then the second part will follow.The first part presumes the truth that the Romansí sins were atoned for and that they were justified through what God has done in Christ.It then argues that they were not thereby excused to sin.Finally, it shows that these truths are all in the overall will of God, who has grafted the Gentiles into the tree.If these things are true, then the second half urges them to have transformed minds unlike a mind conformed to the world.Further, their fleshly bodies are to die with Christ as a living sacrifice, enabling them to fulfill the righteous requirement of the Law.