Biblical Events:

  • Place where Josiah died in battle against Pharaoh Neco of Egypt (2 Kings 23:29-30), also place where Ahaziah king of Judah died from Jehuís armies (2 Kings 9:27-29).
  • It is mentioned in Zechariah 12:12.
  • At least symbolically the place of the final battle between good and evil, Armaggedon (a Greek form of Har-Meggido or Mt. Megiddo).See Revelation 16:16.



  • On the northwestern side of the Jezreel Valley (the city of Jezreel is on the southeast side).


Historical Significance:

  • The central mountain overland path comes through a narrow pass here, making it a place of strategic significance.I believe an important Maccabean battle against the Syrians was won here.
  • Archaeologically, one of the classic sites (like Jericho).This cityís roots stretch back well beyond the time of Israel.


Some Photos


A model of the ruins as they have been excavated.




The path to the right is the Canaanite entrance to the city and would have been in use at the time of Joshua.To the left is the entrance at the time of Solomon.Wilbur Williams believes that Solomon built the entrance at the end of the path to the left.But archaeological minimalists think it dates from the time of Ahab (since they havenít really conceded that Solomon even really existed yet).