The King James Version

FD Scale: 1 (very formal)

The King James follows the original wording and sentence structure very carefully. It is perhaps only trumped by the late 1800's American Standard Bible in formalness.


OC Scale: 3 (very “catholic”)

The KJV traces its ancestry to the Textus Receptus whose origins were ultimately the Greek edition compiled by Erasmus in the late 1400's. Erasmus, a Roman Catholic who debated Martin Luther on the sufficiency of the Scriptures alone, compiled this New Testament from about a dozen medieval manuscripts, the earliest of which dated to the 900's. It is thus the "text catholic" that Erasmus followed. And of course, the original 1611 version of the KJV included the Apocrypha.

Drift Scale: 1 (not issues driven)

It is my impression that the KJV was not an issues oriented translation.  It was somewhat of a compromise translation between the Geneva Bible (the popular favorite that had Calvinist notes including a few anti-divine right of kings comments) and the Bishops Bible (which actually evaluated certain texts in the margins at points as more or less appropriate).  It seems to me that the compromise was a fairly issues free translation.

Youth Scale: 1 (not helpful to youth)
I think your youth group is going to miss most of the message of the Bible without a lot of explaining with the KJV.