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This site is a repository of various informal writings of mine over the years.  Many of them are generated from my more active blog: Schenck Thoughts.


Recent Additions

(September 2009)

·         Explanatory Notes on Philippians


(July 2009)

·         Explanatory Notes on Galatians


(April 2009)

·         Explanatory Notes on 1 Thessalonians


(January 2009)

·         Exegetical Resources


(April 2008):

·        A Video Commentary of Hebrews


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Hyper-Explanatory Notes on the New Testament

Sermon Starters

Book Reviews

Word Studies


Translation Reviews 


Reliving Passion Week

Trip to Israel



Topic Discussions

Sin and Believers                                                                                                                                                              


Women in Ministry




Faith Crisis

·         The Schenck Inoculation

·         Spong’s Questioning of the Virgin Birth

·         Dialog over my review of Spong


Theology and Practice

·         A Service of Deconsecration


Wesleyan Church and Indiana Wesleyan Related

·         Doing All to the Glory of God: The Essence of The Wesleyan Church

·         The Emerging Wesleyan Church?

·         What is the “Wesleyan” Part of a Wesleyan University?

·         The Wesleyan View of Communion

·         The Wesleyan View of Inerrancy


Sexual Issues

·         The Bible and Sexuality

·         The Bible and Sexual Sin in General

·         Wrestling with Homosexuality and the Bible



·         What Does the Bible Say about Speaking in Tongues

·         A Jesus Only Tongues Group


Miscellaneous Socio-Political Philosophy



Short Biblical Studies

·         Exegetical Resources


Explanatory Notes on the New Testament

·        Explanatory Notes on 1 Thessalonians

·        Explanatory Notes on Galatians

·        Explanatory Notes on Philippians



·         A Review of John Piper’s: The Future of Justification: A Response to N. T. Wright

·         Some Recent Shifts in Pauline Studies

·         Try out my Romans Gateway

·         Fireside Romans Chats

·         "Naughty" New Testament Passages on Women



·        A Video Commentary of Hebrews


General Epistles

·         An Overview of the Theology of James

·         Survey of James Powerpoint

·         Survey of 1 Peter Powerpoint



·         An “Asbury style” Survey of Matthew

·         My current solution to the synoptic problem



Book Reviews

·         A Review of John Piper’s: The Future of Justification: A Response to N. T. Wright

·         James D. G. Dunn’s The Partings of the Ways


Links of Interest

My Blog

My University Web Site, including Keith Drury’s Tuesday Column



Books for Insomniacs by Schenck

Understanding the Book of Hebrews (Westminster John Knox Press)

Cosmology and Eschatology in Hebrews (Cambridge University Press)

Jesus Is Lord!: An Introduction to the New Testament (Triangle Publishing)

Why Wesleyans Believe in Women in Ministry (The Wesleyan Church, Department of Education and the Ministry)

A Brief Guide to Philo (Westminster John Knox Press)

1 and 2 Corinthians (Wesleyan Publishing House)

A Brief Guide to Biblical Interpretation (Triangle Publishing)



Selected Poems